Where you go… I will go!

From 2 weeks to almost 5 months…wow, I can’t believe it! The last blog I wrote was about my first 2 weeks here in Jerusalem…and now I get to update you on the past 5 months! Sorry about that…I went through a rough season and a time where I didn’t want to write. But our […]

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Through the pain of goodbyes

Through the pain of goodbyes, walls around my heart begin to arise. At first I think this is best for everyone, protecting me and them. But I soon realize the walls bring hurt and death, so behind my walls I hit my knees once again. Jesus, I need you to come break down these walls, because I […]

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I know this is crazy that I am still writing about my adventures from Greece and I have been here in Missouri for almost 2 months now, but I feel like these are stories that need to be shared, because they are incredible things that the Lord has done! So with that said….let’s hop off […]

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Dancing upon the waters

Waiting for the ferry to come into port, I felt so small because the “ferry” was pretty much a small cruise ship haha! We waited for an hour or so as the ferry unloaded massive trucks, buses, and other cargo onto the island before we could get on…But as soon as I set my feet […]

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